Chichester BID Hub



How it Works

Fourteen footflow sensors are installed across the city at various strategic points. These count mobile phones passing in the area, which gives us a basis for predicting total numbers of people. Over time, we can learn which of those people work locally, live locally or are just visiting.

A footfall camera on East Street gives us further historical and comparative data. We also take regular surveys across the city. These sources combine to give both a detailed and informative prediction of the total number of people in the city at any time.

Privacy Protection

The sensors have been designed from the ground-up specifically to prevent personal data from being collected. We sacrifice some accuracy to ensure that this system cannot be used for tracking, so the figures you see are based on broad counts & projections, not individual people.

People, not Phones

Not everybody carries a smartphone (and some carry two!) so we use data from multiple sources to ensure that the figures we quote are representative of the entire population, not just those with the latest gadgets.

Update frequency

The daily graphs are updated every fifteen minutes. Our weekly figures are usually published early Monday morning for each preceding week.


The sensors are located around the city at various key points. Most are located along the main streets, with some busier side streets and car parks also covered. We are keen to extend the coverage so if you are willing to host a small box (just needs power; no drilling!) please contact us.


The fixed footfall camera in East Street is supplied by Springboard. Footflow sensors and manual counts are operated by Noggin.